• Fraud and scam forex software traders stas@forexclub-cd.com forexclub.us - Visiteur - 2/07/2010, 18:53:19

    DONT BE A VICTIM OF FRAUD/SCAM FROM THOSE SCAMMERS! I did mistakes so you dont have to!
    ***** my mail is masonpowers -> gmail point com******
    fraud and scam forex software traders stas@forexclub-cd.com
    I would like to alert everybody that there are a lot of fraud and scamming going on
    I was looking for safir xp 2 and tradestation software, could not find them anywhere and had to take a chance with those scammers. Yes I know I am stupid and nai"ve, so you learn from my mistakes.
    Lost 90 usd on yourtrader3000, got nothing in return, now this scammer is quiet and does not talk to me
    And pretty sure from Greece with .gr email is a fraud
    His emails are
    from Belorussia, I paid webmoney to .by webmoney account

    also scammer is from greece!
    send e-mail to : ola 'AT' mail 'DOT' gr , ola3 'AT' mailbox
    'DOT' gr , ( please substitute 'AT' with '@' , and 'DOT' with '.' ) ,
    ****@*****.***, ****@*****.***

    And lost 250 usd from forexclub.us stas stas@forexclub-cd.com paid to galina ushakova moneygram in Moscow… total scam and fraud ?
    Plus lost 710 USD from my liberty reserve, sent me some bogus software and money was stolen silently, interesting enough my comodo firewall did not pick up any alerts… very sophisticated virus Trojan they put there
    Their forum http://forum.as-1.us/index.php looked convincing like a lot of members, but this is total fraud, they force you to buy because you cant get enough of credit point on that forum http://forum.as-1.us/ forexclub.us,
    When I was questioning about forexclub.us and seller stas, my post got deleted eventually and I got banned… so this a sophisticated scam going on.

    forexclub.us alias is
    and others

    Do not fall for it, be aware
    be careful, dont get scammed like me :(



    Technical Analysis ( Trading ) 2007-2004, PART2 ( out of 5 ), the
    latest collection, updated 2007-10-18, Tradestation 8.3 + OwnData 2.6,
    MTPredictor for TS, MTPredictor for Ninja, ProfitSource 3.4 &
    Tutorials, Financial and Technical Analysis for Traders ( Trading )
    ( Stock Market) Software ), AND RISK and DECISION ANALYSIS @RISK
    please send e-mail to : ola 'AT' mail 'DOT' gr , ola3 'AT' mailbox
    'DOT' gr , ( please substitute 'AT' with '@' , and 'DOT' with '.' ) ,
    ****@*****.***, ****@*****.***
    Tradestation 8.3 + OwnData 2.6, MTPredictor for TS, ProfitSource 3.4 &
    Advanced Get 9.1 EOD, KwikPOP for NinjaTrader 6, MarketDelta (for IB,
    eSignal, DTN IQFeed, CQG) 8.6.3, Sirtrade 2004 for TS, TopGun
    Software, VantagePoint,
    Metastock 10 Pro for eSignal, OwnTrade for Tradestation 8.x, Grail
    Software Suite, TrendSignal EOD and RT, for Ultimate Trading and
    Analysis, other ...
    DynamicTrader RT 5.0, Elwave 8.0 + all modules, NeoTicker RT 4.0,
    Tradestation 8.2 b3863 + OwnData 2.5, BWT Zones SP 5.0 ( Open
    Source ) , NeuroShell 5.2 and Add-Ons, Professional Tradeadvisor 5.0,
    Ensign 2006, MarketDelta eSignal, Right Line Traders v 2006,
    BWT Precision Indicators, 1 CD, Works with Tradestation, eSignal and
    Ninja Trader.
    Advanced Get EOD 9.1.019
    BestChoice Software v4.0
    TechniFilter Plus, 1 CD,
    ( http://technifilter.com )
    and Tools for Technifilter Plus ...
    The Brightspark Swing Volume Tool for Technifilter Plus ( indicator ),
    1 CD
    Darvas Box Locator for TechniFilter Plus, 1 CD
    PatternFinder for TechniFilter Plus, 1 CD
    Stage Analysis Mark 4 for TechniFilter Plus, 1 CD
    The Potential for TechniFilter Plus ( programs based on Bollinger
    Bands ), 1 CD
    The Trading Plan Designer, 1 CD
    TechniFilter Plus Plus Training, 1 CD
    TechniFilter Plus Formula Tutorial, 1 CD
    TechniFilter Plus Filtering Tutorial, 1 CD
    TechniFilter Plus Strategy Testing Tutorial, 1 CD
    Prime-Line TradeStation Suite
    ( http://www.prime-line.com/index.html )
    Prime-Align Radar, (Designed for TradeStation 8 with RadarScreen)
    Prime-Align Charting, (Designed for TradeStation 8)
    Prime-Line Breakout System,
    Auto Prime-Line
    8 module Prime-Line Market Matrix Course with ControlPoint Guide.
    On October, 18, 2007
    AmiBroker 5.0
    MultiCharts 2.1
    NinjaTrader 6
    OwnData 2.6
    Roy Kelly FloorTrader Tools 8.3
    Advanced GET v10.0 EOD Dashboard Edition for eSignal 10
    BuySellorGetOut 2.0 with RadarScreen Indicators for Tradestation 8
    On August, 14, 2007
    EuroTrader for TS + Manual
    Guppytraders Essentials Charting 3.0
    MultiCharts 2.0
    NexGen T-3 ProTrader (July 2007)
    Time Charger for TS
    Tradestation 8.2 SP2 + OwnData 2.5
    On August, 03, 2007
    Tradestation 8.3 + OwnData 2.5
    MTPredictor for TS
    MTPredictor for Ninja
    ProfitSource 3.4 & Tutorials
    On June, 23, 2007
    Advanced Get 9.1 EOD
    KwikPOP for NinjaTrader 6 + manual
    MarketDelta (for IB, eSignal, DTN IQFeed, CQG) 8.6.3
    Sirtrade 2004 for TS + manual
    The Ultimate Trading Machine Complete Set of Courses, TS Indicators &
    Daily Updates
    TopGun Software + manual
    VantagePoint (all modules)
    On May, 15, 2007
    Metastock 10 Pro for eSignal
    OwnTrade for Tradestation 8.x
    Grail Software Suite
    TrendSignal EOD and RT
    On March, 14, 2007
    Amibroker 4.90
    BWT Zones SP 5.0
    DynamicTrader RT 5.0
    Elwave 8.0 + all modules
    NeoTicker RT 4.0
    Tradestation 8.1 SP1 b3264 + OwnData 2.4 (321.940)
    Tradestation 8.2 b3863 + OwnData 2.5
    Wave59 2.15
    On February, 06, 2007
    Tradestation 8.2
    Tradestation Genetic Optimizer
    Metastock Pro 10.0 RT for Quote.com
    Metastock 10.0 EOD
    Omnitrader RT 2007 (all add-ons and all systems)
    VantagePoint 7.0 (all modules)
    NexGen T-3 ProTrader (December 2006)
    NeuroShell 5.2 and Add-Ons
    Professional Tradeadvisor 5.0
    Ensign 2006
    MarketDelta eSignal
    The most popular: Top 14:
    1. NexGen T-3 ProTrader (Released September 2006)
    2. TradeStation v8.3 + Owndata v2.5
    3. Vantage Point v6.4 (all 43 modules)
    4. CD#48 - Tradestation 8.1 and all Systems
    5. MTPredictor 5.0 EOD
    6. CD#47 - All Systems for TradeStation
    7.1 MTPredictor 4.0 RT
    7.2 MTPredictor 5.0 EOD
    8. eASCTrend v6.02
    9. CD#49 - All Add-Ons for Metastock
    10. Ocean for TS by Jim Sloman
    11. "Golden Millennium II" - 41 CDs
    12. CD#1 - Omega Research ProSuite 2000i
    13. Safir-XP 1.7, AND Safir-XP templates
    SirtradeSXp Easy is a signal ready to be used with the TradeStation
    system builder. It executes a FIS (using its .fzb file) in a chart
    window. It requires no knowledge of the Easy language or Power
    Advanced users can take advantage of several models that offer more
    flexibility and power:
    SirtradeSXp RUN: executes a FIS,
    SirtradeSXp 2: executes two FIS alternatively, (you program the
    conditions for alternating),
    SirtradeSXp MULT: executes several FIS simultaneously and uses a
    multiple vote procedure with decision threshold to choose the result,
    SirtradeSXp MULTC: executes several FIS simultaneously and uses
    a multiple vote procedure, and you program the criteria for choosing a
    SirtradeSXp RTG: retraining in real time, based on conditions
    defined by you,
    SirtradeSXp RTZ: automatic retraining in real time, based on
    evolution of the profit curve,
    SirtradeSXp Imp: improvement of an existing trading system by
    incorporating neurofuzzy logic.
    14. Hawkeye indicators TradeStation 8, TradeStation 2000i, and
    Golden Millennium I
    Golden Millennium II
    Omega ProSuite 2000i
    TradeStation 8.1
    MetaStock 9.1
    Advanced Get
    Books and Courses
    AmiBroker 4.80.1
    MultiCarts 1.9 for Tradestation
    NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for Tradestation - Released September 2006
    NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for eSignal - Released September 2006
    Omnitrader 2007 RT CD Real Time
    R-Mesa 5 and R-Mesa 8
    VantagePoint 6.4 (all modules)
    Wizetrader 7.1
    Roy Kelly FloorTrader Tools 8.0
    TrendPro 8.0
    Wealth-Lab 4.0
    NinjaTrader 5.1
    Vantage Point v6.3 (all modules)
    Safir-XP 1.7
    Builder trading sytem by Keener Capitol (for TS)
    BWT Trend Indicators II (for TS)
    Cobalt (www.tradingvisions.com) (for TS)
    EarlyBird III (www.tradingvisions.com) (for TS)
    Indicia FOREX Trading system (for TS)
    RC Miracles II by Rickey cheun (for TS)
    Shockwave trading system by Keener Capitol (for TS)
    Spectrum (www.tradingvisions.com) (for TS)
    Advanced Get EOD 9.1 (beta)
    ASCTrend v3.51
    Dollar Trader for TS (2006) and Maual
    MT Predictor 5.0 EOD
    NeuroShell 4.8
    NeuroSolutions 5.0
    NexGen T-3 Fibs Pro Trader (2006)
    SirTrade 2004 (for Safir-XP)
    The Grail Global Futures Trading System for TradeStation
    TradeStation v8.1 b3066 + Owndata v2.4
    ---------- 2005
    MetaStock Pro v9.1 RT for e-Signal
    TradeStation v8.1 b2811 + Owndata v2.2 (only for members of club)
    4X Made Easy 5.01 for Esignal
    BWT Zones v5.0
    Essex Option Pro v5.0
    Advanced Get 7.8 EOD build 420
    Forex Braintrading System 7.0
    MetaStock Extras
    MetaStock Training CD
    MetaStock Dynastore 5.0
    MetaStock Plugin - Quotelf v3.10
    MetaStock AlphOmega ElliottWaves 5.5
    Ocean for TS by Jim Sloman (EL and source code and manual)
    Gann W.D. - Stock Market Forecasting Courses
    Getting Started With TradeStation EasyLanguage
    Forex WWW Trading System
    Joe DiNapoli - Trading With DiNapoli Levels
    Mastering Metastock - Beginners Guide To Ms Power Tools
    MetaStock Formula Book
    MetaStock Private Index Construction Guide
    TradeStation EasyLanguage Reference Guid
    TradeStation v8.1 b2170 + Owndata v2.1
    ACH/Direct Deposit
    CD#47 All Systems for TradeStation (from CD#1 - CD#46)
    New CD#46
    Adaptick ICE v2.01 for Metastock
    AIQ Option Expert v7.2
    AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.2
    ASCTrend v3.51 + Manual
    Biocomp Profit 2004 7 Build 217
    Candlestick Samurai Forecaster v2.1.4
    Deepinsight v9.6 RT
    Dynamite Sentimentor v4.06 + Manual
    eASCTrend v6.059 + Manual + Video Tutorial
    Elliott Wave Analizer v4.04
    Investor's Dream v1.982 EOD and RT + Manual
    Jurik Tradestation System
    Metastock - Stock Market FREE Quote Download
    Metastock - Walter Bressert indicator add-on
    Metastock Plugin - Advanced GET EOD 8.0
    Metastock Plugin - Alphomega Elliot Waves 5
    Metastock Plugin - Cyclical Oscillator System
    Metastock Plugin - DecisionTools
    Metastock Plugin - Dynamic Pivot
    Metastock Plugin - Niksan'S Ms Formula
    Metastock Plugin - Options Investigator v5.0
    Metastock Plugin - Scalping
    NeuralWorks Predict v3.0 + Manual
    Neuro-Hit! v1.0
    Neuroshell Daytrader v4.5 Professional + Add-Ons
    NeuroSolutions v4.32 Developer Edition - NeuroDimension
    OwnData 2
    Professional Trade Advisor v4.1
    Puls 1.57 for Omega Prosuite 2000i
    Thirteen Mechanical Trading for TS
    Visual Trader v4.42
    Advanced Get - How to search for interesting stocks
    Advanced GET Practical Applications Of A Mechanical Trading System
    Using Simplified Elliott Wave Analysis
    Applying Technical Analysis With Advanced Get
    Bigalow, Stephen W - Big Profit Patterns Using Candlestick Signals and
    Brad L. Matheny - The Power and Finesse of Japanese Candlestick
    Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation (Wiley)
    Candlestick Charting Explained - Greg Morris
    Candlesticks - Swing Trading Using Candlestick charting with Pivot
    Expert Trading Tips for asctrend
    Forex Trading With Candlestick And Pattern
    Getting Things Done - Advanced Workflow Diagram
    How Any Stock Trader Can Find the Stock Market Trend Using Candlestick
    MCGraw-Hill Osborne Candlestick Charting Explained
    Primer in Candlestick (Hill, 2003)
    Product Guide For Jurik And Tradestation
    Professional Stock Trading - Conway, Mark R.
    Samurai Candlestick Manual
    Strategy Trading - By Tradestation Technologies
    Tom Joseph's Book - Practical Applications of a Mechanical Trading
    System - PracApp
    Tradingmarkets - Trading Strategies - A Realistic And Effective
    Strategy For Using Candlestick
    Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis
    Advanced GET EOD v8.0
    Scalping (for Metastock)
    Chart FX Statistical 6.2
    Elliott Wave Analyser v6.1
    Neuro-Hit! 1.0
    Omnitrader 2005 RT CD
    MetaStock Pro User's Manual
    ----------- 2004
    Tradestation 8.0 b1869 + eSignal
    eASC Trend 6.0 Professional (UNLIMITED)
    CD#1 - Omega Research ProSuite 2000i Platinum Edition Build 822 &
    Systems (481Mb - RAR)
    CD#4 - MetaStock Pro v8.0 RT for Quote.com and for e-Signal, MetaStock
    v9.0 EOD, MetaStock Pro v9.0 RT for e-Signal, MetaStock Add-Ons (422Mb
    - RAR)
    CD#5 - Advanced GET EOD & RT v7.6 (86Mb - RAR)
    CD#45 -MetaStock Pro v9.0 RT for e-Signal, MetaStock Add-Ons (126Mb -
    Tradestation 8.0 b1779
    Trading Alchemy Indicators Full Package
    Wave59 1.48
    MB Risk Management 9.0
    OmniTrader 2004 RT
    Metastock Pro v9.0 RT for e-Signal
    MT Predictor RT - no limit
    Metastock v9.0 EOD
    New CD#44 :
    Adaptick Ice v2.0 for Metastock
    Adaptick Powerstrike for Metastock
    Alyuda Forecaster XL v2.3
    Alyuda Neurointelligence v2.3526
    ASCTrend v3.51 - Time-limit Feb 2009
    BioCom Profit 2002
    eASCTrend v6.02
    Fibonacci Trader v4.46 RT
    Gann Systems for Metastock
    GannTrader v3.07
    InvestorRT v7.2 Rev. 1
    KwikPop for TS
    MetaServer RT v3.0 for IQFeed
    MetaServer TAL
    NeuroShell Trader v4.4.64
    Sharpshooter Release 0928F + Manual
    TradeGuider v2.2.1.5
    TradeStation Net Utility
    Vantage Point v6.3 for Financials
    Wizetrade v6.04
    Metastock PlugIn:
    Bollinger Band System for Metastock
    Metastock - MurphyMorris - Chart Pattern Recognition
    Metastock Plugin - Bollinger Bands
    Metastock Plugin - EnHilbertMSXSetup made]
    Metastock Plugin - Performance System Plus
    Metastock Plugin - Power Pivots Plus
    Metastock Plugin - Short Term Support and Resistance
    Metastock Plugin - StDevBogieMSXSetup made]
    Metastock Plugin - Tactical Trader Statistical Edge System
    Metastock Plugin - Tactical Trader Statistical Edge Trading System
    Metastock Plugin - TETRAHEX - Fractal Finance
    Metastock Plugin - Thomas Demark
    Metastock System Tester - MFST(60 MINS INTRADAY) by E. Labunsky
    Walter Bressert indicator add-on
    Nison's CU
    SpyGlass 2.01
    MakeMS v1.9 - ASCII-to-MetaStock Data Convertor
    CD#43 :
    AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.2
    BestChoice Software v4.20
    Captool v1.71a Pro
    Cyclone for TS
    Elliott Wave Analyser v3.0.44
    Elwave v7.1 RT
    eASCTrend v6.02 Pro
    Index Point 2003
    Investor RT v7.0
    NeuroShell DayTrader v4.3 Pro + Add-ons
    NeuroSolutions v4.24 Developer Edition
    NexGen T-3 Pro
    Trading Solutions Suite RT
    Trend Reflection Software
    MTPredictor EOD and RT
    Vantage Point v6.3 (43 Market modules)
    Visual Trader 2002
    Wave59 RT v1.40
    WizeTrade v7.04 for Esignal
    CD#42 :
    ACT! v6.0.0.679
    Advanced GET Real-Time For ts2k Version 1.3 Build 396
    AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.0
    AlphOmega ElliotWaves 4.4 for MetaStock 8.0 + Manual
    AmiBroker Professional Edition v4.50.11
    AmiQuote v1.55
    ASCTrend 3.0
    Astro Reserach v1.31
    BestChoice Software v4.20
    C-3 Trading System + Manual
    Cyclone for TS
    DataSharks Downloader EOD v2.36
    DataSharks Downloader RT v2.12
    Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75
    Dynamic Trader Pdf Examples. Complete Investment
    Dynamic Trader v4.0 build 78
    Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6
    Elliott Wave Analyser v3.0.44
    Elwave v7.1 RT + Manual
    Ensign Windows 01.22.2004 for eSignal
    eQuote v1.4
    eSignal v7.5
    Fora v3.0
    Gann Computation Tools
    GetStockQuote v1.6
    Index Point 2003
    Insight Strategic Investment Trader
    Investor's Dream v1.98.2
    InvesTraK v3.0.0.4
    Jurik for Neuroshell
    Jurik Research Tools
    KwikPOP for Metastock v8.0
    Patterns v2.0
    MetaQuote v1.14
    MetaServer 3.0 for QCharts
    MetaServer RT v3.1 DDE
    MetaStock Adaptive Trading Solutions CD - Plug-In
    MLDownloader v6.2
    Money Tree Suite v2.46.10
    Monte Carlo-Lab for Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.2
    Nebadawn Ramp Trendline Market Scanner v5.0 build 7
    Neuro-Lab for Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.4
    NeuroSolutions v4.24 Developer Edition
    OptionGrid v1.5
    OptionSleuth PRO v1.9b
    Profiles+ Professional v6.5
    Raven Quote v1.42
    Trading Solutions v2.10 build 031105
    VantagePoint v6.3 for Commodities
    Visual Trader 2002
    Walter Bressert ProfitTrader v7.0 for MS + Manual
    Walter Bressert ProfitTrader v7.0 for TS + Manual
    Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.8
    52 week Big Bang Method
    BigTrends.com - High Impact Options Trading- Option Profits through
    Superior Stock Selection
    Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders by R.Fischer
    Malcom Robinson - An Introduction to Direct Access Futures Trading +
    STOCKS & COMMODITIES, The Traders' Magazine V20
    BestChoice Software v4.20
    Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75
    Insight Strategic Investment Trader
    Nebadawn Ramp Trendline Market Scanner v5.0 build 7
    Profiles+ Professional v6.5
    Safir-X Assistant for Expert Traders v3.4.0.1
    Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader v7.0 (for TS)
    Metastock Strategies
    Risk and Decision Analysis @Risk, Evolver, Decisiontools,
    @RISK 4.5.7 for Excel, Compatible with Excel 2007, ( Standard,
    Porfessional, Industrial )
    @RISK 4.5.6 International for Excel, ( Standard, Porfessional,
    Industrial )
    The world's most powerful risk analysis tool. Take into account all
    possible scenarios using
    Monte Carlo simulation. Work directly in Excel, create presentation-
    quality graphs, use
    distribution fitting, and more!
    @RISK 4.1.4 for Project
    Add risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation to Microsoft Project
    to solve complex Project
    Management problems.
    @RISKAccelerator 2.0.1
    Use parallel processing to speed up simulations on large models.
    The DecisionTools Suite 4.5.7 for Excel, Compatible with Excel
    2007, ( Standard, Professional,
    Industrial ) to Meet all your Needs.
    The complete risk and decision analysis toolkit, including @RISK,
    PrecisionTree, TopRank,
    BestFit, and RISKview. Industrial version includes RISKOptimizer
    and @RISKAccelerator!
    PrecisionTree 1.0.9 for Excel Compatible with Excel 2007
    Create decision trees and influence diagrams with this decision
    analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel.
    BestFit 4.5.5
    The world's most popular distribution fitting software uses advanced
    algorithms and an Office-compatible interface.
    RISKview 4.5.5
    Create and assess distribution functions in a pop-up distribution
    TopRank 1.5e
    Find the critical factors in your spreadsheet model with what-if
    RISKOptimizer 1.0.9 Compatible with Excel 2007
    Evolver 4.0.8 ( Professional, Industrial 3-Concurrent Users )
    Evolver's genetic algorithms and @RISK's Monte Carlo simulation
    combined in one simulation optimisation package.
    Innovative solver technology solves problems in this optimisation add-
    in for Microsoft Excel.
    NeuralTools 1.0.1 Compatible with Excel 2007
    Sophisticated Neural Networks for spreadsheets. Make intelligent
    predictions that update live in real-time.
    StatTools 1.1.1 Compatible with Excel 2007 ( Standard, Professional )
    Advanced statistics toolkit for Microsoft Excel. Analyse data in
    Microsoft Excel and work in the familiar Microsoft Office environment,
    using a new, powerful statistics toolset!
    @RISK Developer Kit
    Take @RISK out of your spreadsheet and into any Windows
    application. Create your own custom
    applications and risk models using the Monte Carlo simulation
    engine, distributions, charts,
    features, and interface of @RISK for Excel.
    BestFit Developer Kit
    Use all the functionality of BestFit in your own custom Windows
    application. All of the
    distribution functions, fitting algorithms, graphs and more are
    accessible to you.
    Evolver Developer Kit
    Incorporate the advanced genetic algorithm optimisation engine of
    Evolver into your own Windows
    applications outside of Excel. Utilise the same high-speed solving
    methods and other features.
    RISKOptimizer Developer Kit
    @RISK and Evolver join forces in RISKOptimizer, the solver which
    takes into account risk. Add
    Monte Carlo simulation and genetic algorithm optimisation
    techniques to your own Windows
    applications with the RISKOptimizer Developer Kit.
    CD1. Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer:
    Interactive instructional CD shows how to use RISKOptimizer to
    solve business problems.
    CD2. Introduction to Financial Modeling Using @RISK:
    Use @RISK and Excel to solve a wide range of real-world
    business problems.
    CD3. ModelAssist.
    A comprehensive risk analysis training and reference tool for
    @RISK users, with over 140
    example models
    BOOK1. Learning Statistics with StatTools.
    Using StatTools, to show you how to use statistics for
    practical applications.
    BOOK2. Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer.
    How do you make the best possible decisions in uncertain
    environments? Learn about
    techniques using RISKOptimizer.
    BOOK3. Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization I.
    This book shows you how to use @RISK, Evolver, and other
    Palisade software to solve today's
    complex financial problems.
    BOOK4. Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization II.
    An expansion on the first widely-used reference. More real-life
    examples of methods for
    better financial decisions.
    BOOK5. Decisions Involving Uncertainty: An @RISK Tutorial for the
    Petroleum Industry.
    ONLINE highly successful seminars on the use of @RISK in the
    petroleum industry.
    BOOK11. Tech Corner: Using RISKOptimizer: 5 easy steps to solve your
    BOOK12. Fly RISKOptimizer to Profit Maximisation: A typical
    optimisation problem that benefits
    from RISKOptimizer's combination of optimisation and
    BOOK13. Review: RISKOptimizer: Powerful Tool Eliminates Much of the
    "Guesswork" Inherent to Model
    BOOK14. Book: Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization
    BOOK15. Book: Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer
    * TradeStation 8.x (last version) and all systems (6 CDs) - $1500
    * MetaStock Pro 11.0 and add-ons (2 CD) - $350
    * MultiCharts 5.5.2723.400 and 6.0 - $300
    * NinjaTrader and add-ons - $700
    * TradeStation 8.x (last version) + Owndata 2.7 - $350
    * OmniTrader 2010 RT + VisualTrader 4.0/5.0 (7 CDs) - $700
    * Dynamic Trader RT + Matrix Cycles - $250
    * Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.12.5 AutoTrader - $250
    * VantagePoint 7.1.5 (22 Categories - 700 modules) - $600
    * TTM (all indicators and all systems - open code) - $250

    PostHeaderIcon Last added

    On June, 22, 2010

    * Dynamic Trader
    * Market Delta 10.2.3
    * OpenQuant 2.9.2
    * Refinet Elliot Trader (RET) 1.12.5

    On May, 25, 2010

    * Dynamic Trader 5 b168
    * OwnData 2.8 for TS 8.8
    * RightEdge 2010 build 20
    * TimingSolution Upgrade Jan 15 2010
    * Tradecision RT 4.7.697 and NeatScan Market Scanner, Addons, Docs, Utilities

    On May, 11, 2010

    * ElWave 9.2
    * Refined Elliott Trader 1.12.4
    * RightEdge 2010 b2
    * TradeGuider RT 4.0

    On March, 25, 2010

    * AmiBroker 5.30 RC
    * Safir-XP 2
    * TradeStation 8.8 build 5830
    * VisualTrader 5.0 RT

    On February, 21, 2010

    * Market Delta 10.1 b15
    * OmniTrader 2010 Pro
    * OpenQuant 2.91
    * QuantDeveloper.net 2.73
    * VantagePoint 8.1 (all modules)
    * Wave59 RT 3.6

    On January, 08, 2010

    * MoneyZone for OmniTrader - Module and Seminar
    * Ocean Combo Software
    * OmniTrader 2010 RT R3
    * Trade Guider RT 3.0.51
    * TradeStation 8.7 Build 3085

    On December, 18, 2009

    * MultiCharts 6.0
    * MTPredictor 6.5 Build 182

    On December, 08, 2009

    * MarketDelta RT
    * Ocean Plus+ Video DVD Set (10 video discs)
    * TradeStation 8.8 Build 5579

    On November, 12, 2009

    * MTPredictor 6.5 Build 179
    * VisualTrader 5.0
    * OmniTrader 2010 RT
    * OpenQuant 2.81
    * Refined Elliott Trader (RET) 1.12.2
    * Tradeguider RT 3.0
    * TradeStation 8.8 Build 5554

    On October, 22, 2009

    * MTPredictor 6.5 Build 178 EOD / RT
    * TradeStation 8.6 Build 2696

    On October, 14, 2009

    * ElWave 9.1
    * MetaStock 11.0 Pro RT / EOD
    * Nirvana ARM-4
    * Nirvana NSP-33
    * Nirvana NSP-35
    * TradeStation 8.6 Build 2674

    On October, 01, 2009

    * 12 RET PowerPacks 2008
    * ART (Applied Reality Trading System for TS)
    * Biocomp Dakota 2.10 B44 EOD
    * Biocomp Profit 8.04 Final Build + Server Patch
    * Elwave 9.0c
    * MultiCharts 5.5.2723.400
    * Precision Type A cracked $749 for MT
    * Robust E-mini Daytrading System for TS
    * TradersStudio 2.55

    On September, 24, 2009

    * Advanz Analytics systems for TS
    * Commando C-3 Trading System for TS
    * Compass, Navigator, Surveyor for TS
    * Decisionbar for NinjaTrader
    * DeltaDivergence indicator for NinjaTrader
    * DMAX for NinjaTrader
    * Elder Disk v2.1 for TradeStation
    * FinAlg for NinjaTrader
    * Mark Fisher indicator from TradeWerks for NinjaTrader
    * MarketBalance for NinjaTrader
    * MarketDelta IB 9.19
    * Money FlowBars for NinjaTrader
    * Murrey Math 2009
    * NetPicks UMT for eSignal v3.9
    * RC Chance+ for TS
    * RC Day Trader Level 7 (rc3200.com) for TS
    * Reverse Motion Trading System for Tradestation
    * StratOpt WFO for TS
    * Tradesmart MATLAB Link Dll for TS
    * Viper Trading Systems for NinjaTrader
    * WCCI Autotrader and Pattern Recognition system for NinjaTrader

    On August, 08, 2009

    * AmpleSight Trader + Patch for eSignal
    * Biocomp Profit 8.04 Final Build + Server Patch
    * Jurik - UT Package for Multiple Platforms with Keygen
    * Kwikpop 7.1 for TS (July 2009)
    * Noxa Entropy Indicators (NEI) 1.3 for Neuroshell 5.x
    * TradeStation 8.6 Build 2612 + Owndata 2.7
    * Trading Blox Builder 3.1
    * Updating TradeStation 8.x and all Systems - Full collection (6 CDs)

    On July, 24, 2009

    * Eclipsetrader
    * FCharts Pro 1.5.96e
    * Morningstar EnCorr Portfolio Strategist 9.4 build 535
    * Optimal Trader 3.1.5
    * OTrader 4.1.18
    * Personal Portfolio Manager 7.0.8
    * PiaTeK Software PortfolioTK 1.25
    * PiaTeK Software QuotesTK Professional 1.16
    * PSMyTrade 2.1.6
    * QuoteTracker 3.9.1

    On July, 02, 2009

    * Advance Stock Pattern Scanner 2.0
    * AmiBroker 5.26b
    * ANNI Professional 3.27.0
    * BeyondTraders Indicators for Ninjatrader
    * Bluewave Precision Indicators for Metastock
    * ETS Trading System for Metastock
    * Metastock Chaloke Reaction Expert
    * NinjaTrader
    * Price Distribution Analysis for Tradestation
    * The TradingMarkets R3R4 Method Trading System for Tradestation
    * TradeStation 8.6 Build 2583 + Owndata 2.7

    On June, 08, 2009

    * Alyuda Tradecision 4.6.250
    * BWT Precision indicator 1 and 2 for NT
    * GeneXproTools 4.0.954
    * NeuroShell Daytrader 5.6 Beta 3
    * Refined Elliott Trader 1.11.2 AutoTrader
    * Trend Walker for TS
    * TTM Slingshot for TS
    * ViperSpeedTrader Indicators for TS, NT

    On May, 24, 2009

    * AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.7 for MetaStock
    * DSWCCI AutoTrader and Pattern Recognition for NinjaTrader
    * ASCTrend Indicators for NinjaTrader
    * EOTPro for NinjaTrader
    * Hurst Channel Four
    * MegaProfits Pro 1.0
    * MultiCharts 5.0 GOLD (5.0.2369.400)
    * Netpicks 3.7 for TS
    * Netpicks 3.8 for eSignal
    * NeuroTrend Lines 4.0 for TS and MultiCharts
    * Pallada 2009 Trading System Expert Advisor
    * Quantum Swing Trader fot TS
    * Refined Elliott Trader 1.10.17
    * RightEdge 2008 Edition 2 Beta 6
    * Se7en Volume At Price for NinjaTrader
    * Swing Activator System for TS
    * Tradecision Pro 4.6.250
    * ViperStar Gold Edition for TS

    On May, 02, 2009

    * ARM3R5 RT
    * ARM3R5 RT Stocks v2
    * Chart Pattern Systems 3 (CPS3)
    * DragonPips
    * EA Forex Grail
    * Quantum Trader Elite 5.0
    * KwikPop 7.0
    * Market Delta Pro Complete for eSignal 9.19
    * MTPredictor 6 Build 171
    * NinjaTrader 6.5 Multi-Broker
    * Noxa CSSA Plugin for MetaStock 1.02
    * OpenQuant 2.7.0
    * Pulseline Trader for NinjaTrader
    * RMO ATM
    * ViperStar Gold Edition for Tradestation
    * WealthLab Pro 5.3

    On March, 02, 2009

    * Ensign Windows 02-20-2009
    * MultiCharts.5.0.2094.203 beta3
    * TradeStation 8.5 build 2289

    On February, 12, 2009

    * VantagePoint 8.0
    * Tradestation 8.4 build 1693
    * OmniTrader 2009
    * Updated TradeStation 8.x and all Systems - Full collection ( 5 CDs - 3.08Gb RAR-archive)